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Luma And Meadow The Fibre Co And Susan Is Back From A Distance

Daphne Marinopoulus, the founder and owner of The Fibre Co., sent an email yesterday to her stockists highlighting patterns from her Foundations collections. (The store had the 2019-2020 Foundations trunk show back in January, and it was one of the most beautiful we have ever hosted.) The first pattern Daphne featured in her email wasIrish Seaby Susanna Winter. The simplicity and elegance of the shawl as well as the model's stroll by the sea took my breath away.

The drape and fluidity ofIrish Seamakes this triangle shawl easy to wear. The crisp stitch definition from the yarn, The Fiber Co.'s Meadow, a 2-ply blend of luxury fibers: baby llama; fine merino wool; silk, and linen which is slightly heavier than a typical lace weight yarn, emphasizes the rhythmic garter stitch and delicate lace as it travels down the edge of the shawl. The size can be adjusted, according to your taste, by knitting more or less repeats.Irish Seacalls for 1 to 2 skeins of Meadow

Meadowis now available to order on our websitehere  (or email/call the store). Please let us know if you plan to knitIrish Seaas we can kit it for you and include the pattern at no charge.

The pattern shown above is Glykos by Dawn Henderson.Glykosis knit with another yarn from the Fibre Co.,Luma, a DK weight blend of Merino wool, organic cotton, linen and silk. According to the Fiber Co., Luma was inspired by the mood and light found in mid-lattitude savannas - those grassland ecosystems with open canopies allowing plenty of sunlight. Plant-based fibers mixed with silk and wool provide a built-in layer of warmth in winter yet lightness when required in warmer temperatures.

Glykos is an asymmetric triangle shawl designed in lightweight Luma. The shawl begins with a compact honeycomb cable that transitions into a larger, more expansive stitch that is a pleasure to knit. A crisp, ribbed border finishes it off neatly. It calls for five skeins of Luma.

Stone Pointis a pattern designed by Courtney Kelley shown and originally designed inLuma. This gorgeous poncho is easily customizable for length by knitting additional repeats of the Flame Chevron Lace pattern. As a thank you, we are also including the pattern for either Glykos or Stone Point at no charge in your kit. Luma can be purchasedhere or by phone or email.

Park City home delivery, curbside pickup or mail are all options to receive your yarn.

The best part of the newsletter is that I get to announce that Susan is back -- though from a distance. Help hours will resume on Tuesdays from 9:30am-12:30pm via Zoom. If you are interested in a bit of help, please text her to set up a time. (Either email me or give the store a call to get her number as I'm not comfortable posting it here.)

We will also be offering classes from a distance. More information on our upcoming schedule very soon.

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