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Make a January (February, March...) Hat

What is better than one free hat pattern? How about a "Year of Hats", or better said, one free hat pattern per month! Kelbourne Woolens has created twelve hat patterns that correspond to each month using their yarn Germantown, an Aran weight 100% North American wool which has been milled, sourced, and dyed in the United States.

All of the patterns are already released so you don't need to wait until December to knit the last one. That hat shown above is January Hat designed by Courtney Kelley, and the hats shown below are June Hat by Meghan Kelly and October Hat by Sloane Rosenthal.

The yarn can be purchased here and the patterns can be downloaded from Ravelry here. The price of the yarn is exceptional. Including the 15% discount, the hat can be knit for less than $13.25 with tax included.

Dream State from Spincycle Yarns

Dream State is now online. Even better, it's now 15% off which is something that rarely happens. Dream State can be purchased here. Dream State, Spincycle's worsted weight 100% Superwash yarn, is dyed in the wool, then milled and spun in Washington State to create unique skeins. Each skein is 150 yards. Two project ideas are Nightshift from Andrea Mowry and Courage Shawl from Shannon Cook. Nightshift is a store favorite and uses six colors of Dream State. Courage Shawl uses both Dream State and Germantown to create a shawl that is meant to soothe your soul.

It would be a pleasure helping you find a project for yourself or a gift for someone who could use a bit of calm. A few items are up on the website here or contact the store by phone 435.575.0999 or via my website and clicking on Contact on the top of the page. I am also offering shopping by appointment though a mask must be worn over your mouth AND nose for the duration of the visit. Please contact the store if you are interested in reserving a time. As a thank you to you all, everything in stock is 15% off.

New Store Hours (for curbside pickup and by appointment):

Tuesday through Friday from 1 to 5pm. Closed Saturday through Monday.

Susan Lewin is now off on her own, but she would love to help you with:

  • Virtual Knitting

  • Knitting Help

  • KALS (Knit a longs)

  • Blocking

Contact Susan at 801 560-7854 (text or call)

slewin@me.com for more information.

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